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Enlightened world


The enlightened world is a social-order under enlightened governance, which promotes the best possibilities of development of human beings towards the path of evolution to a “higher-man”, who is equipped with knowledge, power of creativity and rational reflections and connected to inner realms of the mind, which is the source of love and compassion for all.  It sets as its goal to inform human beings about their higher potential to evolve beyond the conditions where they may remain imprisoned, and equip them with necessary knowledge and opportunities of expressing creativity with which they may reshape their conditions beneficial to evolving towards the higher stage. The enlightened world is built on the power of the mind with which one may transcend towards higher level of consciousness, which can reveal the unity of life with the micro and macro-cosmos, and chart the meaningful roles which human beings may play in creating peace, harmony and beauty in the society.



The most primary condition of an enlightened world is the existence of an enlightened governance (see Enlightened Democracy), which bears the visions of the higher-man, and the goal of establishing peace and security for all. The basic securities people need are the securities of life against hunger, shelter, indignity and threats to life due to disease and natural calamities. The next level of securities involve freedom to access knowledge, information and know-hows with which one may improve one`s conditions of development, choose and protect one`s conviction and belief and secure one`s aspirations to improve the present condition of living. After these fundamental securities are guaranteed one requires...


-Enlightenment without religion

- What is an enlightened order?

Enlightened democracy

Enlightened democracy is a vision based on the view that mankind needs guidance and direction to move in order to achieve social and political order which can be the foundation of peace. It is a guideline that sees the world as moving forward to higher and higher stages of evolution, where every human being has the responsibility to participate. It views the world existing at this moment of history as a ground where diverse stages of social evolution live together – some societies are still in a primitive stage bound to hunger and basic needs, while a few has progressed  to fulfill greater aspirations of human freedom as creative beings searching meaning and greater possibilities of self-realization.


Enlightened democracy professes that human beings are endowed with the power to realize themselves in ways that may fulfill the meaning and purpose of our existence. Humanity has the possibility to evolve in directions that we can steer ourselves once we are equipped with knowledge of nature,  and dynamics of history and understanding about the power of our consciousness. We may guide this development that can bring harmony and peace in the world instead of generating chaos that may arise once we conceive the evolution of society resulting from interaction in a random way. It is a progressive path: First, to free man from hunger and needs, then from ignorance, prejudices and superstitions derived from culture and belief which binds man to a particular tradition and culture. It seeks to empower man with understanding and vision, with which one may appreciate the values and ideas which can be accepted by all people and cultures of the world. Thus man may free oneself from ....

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- What is enlightened democracy?

Enlightenment without religion

In the religious context enlightenment is considered as a spiritual revelation that can bring deep insight into the meaning and purpose of the existence of all things in the cosmos, and thus a way to arrive at the understanding of the mind of God, who is assumed to be the creator of all. It is believed that this profound spiritual understanding can be achieved when man has reached a higher level of consciousness above the mundane consciousness of being entrapped in the world through sensory perceptions. This higher consciousness is proposed as the way to understand the unity of all things and feel one with all existing beings.  This heightened perception of the nature of the reality generates compassion for all living and non-living beings. With it  the mode of communication with the world change from the perception of  life as a field of struggle, competition and suffering to viewing  all as the part of the Self.


Though talk about enlightenment usually appears in religious context as a spiritual path, it can also be understood in a non-religious way as the path to understand the complexity of the existence of the living and the non-living worlds entangled together in the cosmos and attain a full comprehension of the existential situation which is dependent on the existence of all...