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How and when new-order may be realized?

The ideas of the enlightened democracy cannot be implemented in a society unless the citizens are free from hunger and basic needs and are exposed to knowledge and information with which they may explore the conditions of freedom available in life. It requires a society that may provide access to high level of education and awareness of the possibilities that may lie outside the beliefs and ideologies which form the backbones of the existing social structures. Only in a society where human beings feel secure in exploring the possibilities of one`s development without being threatened by authorities jeopardizing the search of freedom and meaning of life, the enlightened democracy can take roots. It is a society of enlightened human beings, who understand the possibilities of life as an evolving being and explore into higher and higher realms of consciousness, which can only be achieved through joint efforts. In such a society, people are stimulated to analyze conditions of life with reason without bearing prejudices, and encouraged to make independent judgment about the developments of the society with the aim of correcting its course. People are given opportunities so that all may contribute with ideas and actions in shaping the evolution. Using knowledge as the foundation of an enlightened life, when people are inspired to creative activities with the aim of changing the social reality, which may open greater dimensions of freedom, the spirit of the enlightened society comes forth. By creating conditions of free choice and thus building a foundation of a new reality not dictated mechanically by the forces of nature, or coerced by existing structures of power governing the social and political dynamics, the enlightened society offers ways to recreate the world according to higher needs....



-Teach about values and meaning of life

- How and when the new-order may be realized?

- Education, information and awareness building as pillar

Teach about values and meaning of life

The existence of the Civic-Organ will be the most central element in the Enlightened World-order. It will be the basic foundations of all societies at all levels, guiding people to find meaningful ways of choosing their own development. It will replace the religious societies who may operate in the public life, and ideological differences among parties contending for one or other economic and political interests. It will be the voice of the universal man, seeking an enlightened path of human evolution. It will inspire every human being to learn the universal language of freedom, liberty and justice, and help them to know how to avoid the drag towards the lower nature bound to instincts similar to what exists in the animal kingdom. It will be the voice of love and compassion to all, and a way forward to know one’s higher nature.


Civic-organs will act as the centers for raising public awareness about one’s greater possibilities, and transmit knowledge and information which may strengthen brotherhood of man of all races, cultures and open doors to explore new frontiers of creativity through co-operation, discussion and debate.




Promote the knowledge of the cosmos and the nature of human life and its interdependence with the living and non-living world which forms the surrounding environment (this will act as the foundation of the ideas of an Enlightened world).


Teach human beings about the relationship ....

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- Vision, prupose and goals.

- Dynamics of social-political evolution and history.

- Conflicts of civilizations and  age of internet and ...

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