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Conflicts of civilizations

The biggest tension in the world today is the confrontation between Islam and the West. It is more dangerous because the life-line of the Western prosperity and growth pass through the oil fields in the Middle East where the fundamentalist Islam gets its nourishment. The mouth of the volcano lies in the region around Israel, who is equipped with modern arsenals to keep its supremacy over the Islamic nations who would like to annihilate Israel (only if they could). Israel is an ally of the superpower leading the Western economy and military strength. So the hate of Israel can only simmer in words, and not in actions. Any action will be tantamount to bringing upon doom on the countries in the region.


However, the survival of the Western economics and the geo-political dominance over Earth’s raw-material and labor resources, depend on the vital supply of oil from the Middle East. Control of the oil fields by the West would increase the advantage of the Western economy over countries like India, China and other Asian economies, which rising strength threaten the Western superiority...


-Age of internet and humanitarian intervention

- Conflicts of civilizations

- Challenges of peace

Age of internet and humanitarian intervention

The world in the 21st Century has changed radically from the days when the industrialization started. However, one thing has not changed: It is the disparity between rich and the poor inside nations and lack of parity of power between the advanced countries and the nations where economic development is still reminiscent of old time (least developed states). In advanced nations people have freed themselves from basic needs like food, shelter, health care and education, as well as have access to knowledge of science, and latest developments in technologies. The knowledge of science and technology have freed them from the fear of Heaven and helped them to take destiny on their own hands through newer innovations which can change the reality and environment emerging from passive acceptance of nature. In contrast majority of human beings in developing and less developed nations, are still duped in religious faiths and the belief in other world and believe that these invisible realms control the destiny of life. Many console find consolation in the belief that a better life may follow after death, if they abide by the teachings of the religious leaders........


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Challenges of peace

At the present moment of history even the most progressive societies are undergoing stress in fulfilling their democratic and humanitarian aspiration. The influx of the immigrants in Europe, who wish to adhere to their religious belief and continue to practice the culture of the society from where they have come, is the main cause of this social tension. At the same time the deteriorating socio-political structures in many developing countries, governed by authoritarian rulers and afflicted by the problems of poverty, are forcing population to move to affluent part of the world. The struggle between the undemocratic fundamentalist religious rulers and the democratic progressive society is becoming a conflict between technologically organized superior nations with people who wish to assert themselves by adopting the means of terror. While one side clings to religious belief and values of old traditional cultures contradictory to universal human rights and democracy, the other side builds mechanisms in the global arena to bring an end to fundamentalism which will contain the groups trying to subjugate others by acts of terror.

This increased tension in containing the religious fundamentalism, combined with the conflicts between capitalist and communist ideologies, is building a polarized world, where promotion of democracy and human rights is considered by the opponents, as a tactic of the capitalists and old colonial powers to interfere into the sovereignty of other nations.....