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Deficiencies of modern democracy

Democracy is in a doldrums except in few societies belonging to the advance economies of the world. Even in these societies, narrow parochial views about the superiority of their own cultures over the other are symptomatic. Holding on to the ground of economic and military superiority they preach values of human rights and democracy to the rest of the world. In turn, to maintain this superiority they make alliances with nations where democracy and human rights may be in a dire state. They support dictators or democracies according to their own strategic necessities. When it is necessary to get supply of resources of other nations, or they need access to military bases, which may be beneficial for their economic and military dominance, they change allegiance to democracy and dictatorship as opportunistic means. Except in very few countries, like for example, the Nordics, the preaching of democracy and human rights have become hypocritical means to find ways to control the political rivals. The capitalists use it to fervently counteract the advancement of socialism and communism in countries where they have military or economic interests...


-Human rights and politics

- Deficiencies of modern democracy

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Human rights and politics

The ideas of democracy and the human rights of the individuals have become a weapon of propaganda against socialism and communism, who wish to succeed in their goals by curbing individual freedom. However, the attempts to promote democracy and human rights have generated a plethora of other forces. Those groups of the population, whose interests were once suppressed by the dominating classes, have got voices to demand their rights without feeling fear of prosecution. The competitions between the two camps have unleashed the genii who cannot be controlled anymore by traditional methods of manipulation and coercion. In nations with diverse ethnicity and cultural diversification, the battles for rights are splintering nations into groups subscribing to ethnicity and cultural idiosyncrasies. With it, political parties subscribing to the idea of strengthening local cultures, languages and traditions have started emerging counteracting the ideas of development based on universalism. By adopting cultural narrow-mindedness and submitting to counter-revolutionary agenda, parties and organizations are divided in line with caste, clan, religious affiliation etc.. Thus democracy has harnessed an era in history, where competitions among diverse ideas – promoted either by the most ignorant, or the most enlightened ones- are recognized as the way to achieve freedom.......



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