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Forces shaping the modern world

The definition of modern time will be the point of history when industrialization started in the world, and the world got divided into the two-groups of nations: one enjoying economic advancement due to industrialization and the other succumbing into poverty, injustice, exploitation and colonial dominance by the rising industrial nations. It began with the unprecedented advancement of science and technology, which facilitated production, transport of goods and labor force at large distances from homeland. It brought economic hegemony of a few nations over the rest who had no access to these scientific knowledge and technology. Equipped with the power of innovation and technology, they colonized nations in order to gain control of resources of raw materials and cheap workplace. With rising scientific knowledge and technology, the disparities as regards military power increased in an accelerated speed, which brought the world under knees of a handful of Western nations. The greed for power and wealth of these economically more successful nations generated economic systems of exchange of more abstract nature, which produced values out of “nothing”, which could be lent out to debtors who had fallen in economic difficulties. These debts generated even more monetary values out of “nowhere”. The world turned into a Devil’s Casino and a paradise of wealth and prosperity for a few and a hell of poverty-stricken life for the majority in the world. The modern banking system introduced abstract ideas, which in essence, became a way of generating capital out of “no production”, “no work”….. Simply “nothing”, and thus strengthened platform of repressive political and economic systems in the world since the nineteenth century. This monetary system also became a way of grabbing....



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Economic system

To avoid the growth of exploitative economic system, one needs consensus about what is justice in a society that can secure just values to different objects and services provided by different individuals in the community? As long as human beings operate as actors in the market as individuals seeking advantages, profits and more security for oneself at the expense of other’s security of life, there is no other way to define justice above the principle of “might is right”. Only the realization that one’s security and quality of life depends on the security and quality of life of others can set the premise of justice where exploitations can be avoided. Love, compassion and solidarity are the foundations of such a just society.


Many argue that love and compassion are not too natural to human species: Human beings are propelled by self-interests and desire of possessing resources advantageous to oneself and the ones nearest to him/her. Sharing with the community as an equal member is not the natural instinct of man. Possession, control and dominance are more natural to our specie. Self-fulfillment is a greater drive for man to act than contributing to the welfare of others.


This philosophy and view of life have driven the modern capitalism. Prior to the rise of industrial capitalism, accumulation of landed properties in the hands of a few, while the majority lived by selling their labor and products as agricultural workers, defined the feudal economic mode. In such a feudal system the values were based on scarcity or abundance, and the needs of the population for ......

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