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Purpose of the change is to free mankind from the forces of history which has kept the human civilization a prisoner of power-loving individuals and groups, who have maintained their dominance since the formation of institutions of state and religion. It seeks to change the present order, which has emerged through an alliance of military and religious men with the businessmen and traders, who have risen during the colonial time, and are primarily driven by the interests of profits and individual gains at the expense of the misery of the majority of mankind. Instead of the lower-nature of man, still deciding the fate of humanity, as it has developed in the present consumer-culture of the monopoly-capitalist market-order, the enlightened world wants to educate, inform and make human beings aware of the greater potentials of life, which exists beyond the animal instincts. It seeks to elevate human consciousness to a higher stage, and make use of the higher power of the mind in building an enlightened civilization, where man may realize his/her potential as the bearer of a cosmic-mind. It aspires to protect the freedom, liberty and possibility to enjoy the life of a “higher-man” by developing governing structure of the society, which will eliminate the advantages, which the traditional players of history have enjoyed until now. It also sees the necessity to free social-political development from the hands of the technocratic rule.....



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We are not animals, who live in order to exploit opportunities of competitions and gain supremacy over others in nature. We are much more than what the need for our physical survival and security may dictate. We are bearers of several levels of consciousness, starting from the reptilian and mammalian state of evolution of the human brain to the development of the prefrontal context and temporal lobe reason, rationality and spiritual unity of life with the cosmos can be understood, experienced and felt. We are manifestation of a wonder in the cosmos, which holds the enormous complexes in the living and non-living worlds in a unity, and give us the opportunity to experience order, perfection and beauty through our own mind. Our life is a fortunate opportunity to experience the highest level of consciousness that can emerge through mind as a force of love and compassion suffusing all. Behind the physical visions of things triggered by neurons in the brain, there exist visions in the mind in different “realities” not ascertainable by using only the animal instincts. Those invisible “realities” bring creative urges in the mind in the form of ideas, thoughts, imaginations of the higher-mind, with which one may reconstruct the sense-bound reality of the animal-nature. By this one may transcend the limitations imposed on us by law-bound nature and recreate a reality of one’s own choice—thus mind becomes the foundation of creation of reality in a higher-plane. The purpose of human life is to experience those domains of “realities” that do not become visible through the crude manifestations of the senses in the perceptible world. By exploring those domains and elevating the mind to experience the “higher-world”, man has the opportunity to enjoy the unfathomable wonder and beauty that hide behind the apparent chaos in nature.

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