Unite for justice, human dignity and creating an illumined world



Based on civic-organs and education, information and awareness about the possibilities of evolving towards  a ”higher-man”.

Call for action

Free the world from the evil of the history perpetuated by the human beings, who have instituted the feudal system and then ushered in the colonial era driven by the interests of the merchants and the traders of a handful of nations, who have used military and technological advantages to subjugate other nations and people.

Free the world from those religious, economic and military interests, which have kept mankind prisoner of the linstinct-bound man, and stand against the forces which have derpived majority of human beings the opportunity to enjoy freedom, liberty and the prospect of living meaningful life.

Build an enlightened -world based on the higher nature of the mind, which inspires human beings to seek values in loving, caring and being compassionate to the suffering world. Thus, bring forward the evolution of man to a higher stage and realize the greater potential of human life as the bearer of  a "cosmic mind".

Let humanity be illumined by the power within man and discover territories of existence outside the sphere of the instincts, and discern the beauty of life in elevating oneself as creative, contemplative and spiritual being, who knows the power of science and reason that can unveil our relations with the micro- and the macro-cosmos around us.

Let us build a classless society based on "enlightened democracy"  and led by people, who will teach, inform and empower all, and usher in a rule where people will  choose the most just form of governance which will be able to deliver freedom and justice to all without practicing any form of discrimination.

Nature of higher Man

“Life is a splendid opportunity to experience the realm of the higher-man, who can bring man out of the darkened realm of the murderous and treacherous arena of victory and triumph, and teaches human beings about the glorious realm of love and sacrifice.”

To bring changes we need


What to change and what is new?

- Values and teachings forming the foundation.

- Vision, prupose and goals.

- Dynamics of social-political evolution and history.

- Conflicts of civilizations and  age of internet and ...

- Deficiencies of modern democracy.

- Foundation and  structure of enlightened-order. ofenlightenedorderpellentesque, mauris interdum porta.

- Main pillars to build an enlightened-world.

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