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Brain and stages of consciousness

My approach to enlightenment is an effort to understand how our brain works, the consciousness arises and we connect ourselves to the rest of the living and non-living world. The primitive brain is the site of the life forces including the strategy of survival and defense. Hunger, thirst, fear, apprehension of danger, sleep, rest, need for reproduction for continuation of the species etc. are common in the animal kingdom. They arise as automated biological response to the need for nutrition and demand for adjustments with the environment where one`s existence may be endangered due to competitions with other animals similarly trying to secure ground for survival by preying on others. Brain must remain constantly alert about the possible threats and the potential benefits in adopting particular strategies to defend itself in a given circumstance...


-Purposeful and orderly universe

- Several stages of conscioussness forming  our will                       and possibility of realizing the meaning of life

- Meaning, freedom and good and evil

We live in a designed universe

In an entangled micro and macro-cosmos every existence has a role to play in sustaining the existence of the whole while maintaining the design of the universe which reappears in similar way from the largest to the smallest structures. Inputs from large to small and feedback from small to large uphold the wonder of existence, which represents a harmony and order beyond comprehension of the human mind. The universe plays a cosmic symphony, where from the tinniest to the largest structures all are tuned to play in synchronization to create the orchestra eternally being staged everywhere in all scales in an incredible perfection. Although every note being played is impermanent and returns again and again creating infinite variations in time, the musical melody being played through new births, evolutions and decays remain eternally the same. Universe annihilates and discards actions and motions not falling in harmony with the whole. The entanglements in different scales create an appearance of complexity beyond the power of visualization by the human mind. It arranges beauty and order from any chaos which may appear due to accidental events falling out of the unity and perfection of the design....

- Vision, prupose and goals.

- Dynamics of social-political evolution and history.

- Conflicts of civilizations and  age of internet and ...

- Deficiencies of modern democracy.

- Foundation and  structure of enlightened-order. ofenlightenedorderpellentesque, mauris interdum porta.

- Main pillars to build an enlightened-world.